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Federal Judge Cites RMB Consulting Expert Witness Testimony in Awarding $214 Million Judgment

The United States District Court for the Southern District of California entered a judgment in the amount of $214,898,600.00 and permanent injunction against Viewtech, Inc. and its principal Jung Kwak. In entering the judgment, Judge Roger Benitez cited RMB’s expert report that “Defendants’ receivers are designed and produced to circumvent Plaintiffs’ security measures.”  With this award, DISH Network has received judgments of over $1B in actions in which RMB Consulting has filed expert reports.

Plaintiff Withdraws Lawsuit Following Submission of an Expert Report by RMB Consulting on Behalf of the Defendant

RMB Consulting’s president Nigel Jones was retained as an embedded systems expert witness by defendant T.E.S. in a contract dispute with Eutronix. The plaintiff had filed breach of contract and fraud claims against T.E.S. The expert report of Nigel Jones addressed both these topics and showed them to be without merit. Shortly after the defendant presented the report and other supporting evidence, the plaintiff agreed to drop the lawsuit.

Federal District Court Cites RMB Consulting Expert Witness Report in Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

Federal District Court Judge James Lorenz has granted plaintiff DISH Network’s motion for a Preliminary Injunction against Sonicview (PDF). In granting the motion, Judge Lorenz cited the expert report of RMB Consulting President Nigel Jones approximately 17 times and Jones’ supporting declaration 12 times. As a result of the PI, defendant Sonicview is no longer able to distribute the iHub.

Forensic Analysis

For an embedded systems engineer, much of the expert witness work can involve forensic analysis of high tech products. In this video, Nigel Jones explains the process and tools he uses when performing his investigation.

video transcript